Office In My Garden

We have been building Garden Offices in and around North London for just over six years now and each year the business has grown. We have recently moved over to using Sips Panels, previously we were building using the traditional timber frame system, this has speeded up the build process (but not the lead time). Working mainly in London where space is at a premium we have had to become adept at dealing with tight spaces and difficult access. The cost and stress involved in working and commuting in London has meant that an office in the garden has become very attractive, all of our offices have Cat6 cabling as standard as well as the usual LED downlighters and we now put thermostatically controlled panel heaters in too.

A lot of our clients have a good design awareness and this makes our job very interesting as each build is different so for us the Bespoke aspect of what we do is the most important. We listen carefully to clients and try to make their dream office a reality.


Site Visits & Showbuildings

We have found that previous clients are normally more than happy to show off their Garden Rooms and when they do are always very complimentary about our work. There really is no substitute for personal recommendation and seeing a recent project locally is often the way to clinch the deal.

Price & Build Times Guide

Starting price for this type of building:
From £20,000 plus VAT

Typical lead & on-site build times:
Between 2 weeks (at best ) and 6 weeks.

Contact Office In My Garden for more information:

Suppliers Name:
Office In My Garden


49 Tetherdown
Muswell Hill
London N10 1NH


07778 297711

Email: [email protected]


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All details correct at the time of listing: March 8, 2016

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