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Not only do we build gyms, but saunas as well!

There are many considerations when designing your gym, the height of the room, strength of the floor, ceiling and walls, ventilation, space, natural light and of course levels of insulation.

To build your gym as a permitted development it can be no higher than 2.5m, if built within 2m of your boundary, or 4m if over 2 m away . A 2.5m roof height gives an internal ceiling height of 2.2m.

Most fixed gym equipment fits in easily enough, although some weight apparatus can be 2.1m high making it a bit tight. Of course if you are planning to stretch your arms above your head you would probably be better off with a vaulted ceiling and a higher building.

Cross trainers can be a problem with low ceilings if they are the sort that lift at the front to mimic a hill climb.

If you are a tall person your head will be too close to the ceiling for comfort, so again a higher building may be better for you.

In most cases we build reinforced concrete foundations for all our buildings, but be wary of using a running machine on a bouncy floor, or free weights on anything but the most solid to avoid damage when they are dropped.

Some gym equipment is hung from the ceiling or walls, and it may be that you will need reinforcement for the extra weight. It is easy and cheap to do if we know in advance, so it is something we ask early in the design stages.

The most important advice we give when designing a gym is to make it as conducive to a work- out as possible!
Put a TV point on the wall, large windows to look across the garden,perhaps a good sound system.
Have plenty of opening windows for ventilation, even bi-folds if your budget allows.
Try remote control lighting operated from the house – it works wonders to see a well lit, homely gym across the lawn!

And the second most important advice is to build flexibility into your design.
It may not be for many years, but the time will come when you want to pack the cross trainer and rowing machine away and use your garden room as a reading room or artists studio!

So, there are many variables to consider when designing your gym, and as with all our garden rooms, we are able to build something specifically for your requirements.


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Site Visits & Showbuildings

To arrange a visit, or just talk through the options and prices please give us a call at any time and we can discuss your plans in detail.
If you would then like to arrange a site visit we can arrange a day, from which we can design a building and provide a quote – all completely free and without obligation.

Because our buildings are bespoke, and we rarely build two the same, we do not have a show site, but many of our past clients are willing to show you their buildings.

We encourage visits to current builds when you can meet the guys who build them, see the quality of construction at different stages, and possible current clients.

It also helps to see how we respect our client’s gardens and do our best to keep the site as tidy as possible!

Price & Build Times Guide

Starting price for this type of building:
Gym prices start from £8,000

Typical lead & on-site build times:
Depending on the time of year our lead time is around 4 to 6 weeks

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